Venus of Frassassi

Venus of Frasassi

The Frasassi Venus is a Venus Figurine carved out of a piece of Stalactite. It is 87 mm high, weighing about 66 grams and is pearl white in color. It was discovered at Frasassi Cave in Italy. Dates for this artefact range from 28 thousand to 20 thousand years ago. It is now on display at the Marche National Archaeoligcal Museum, (Museo Archeologico di Ancona).


The face of the figuirine is barely shown with large breasts, placed high on the chest. A navel is shown on the full abdomen, and the vulva is clearly shown in relief. Legs taper to about below the level of the knees, which are not shown, when they are broken off or were never carved.

Unusually the forearms extend well in front of the body, possibly as though they were used to hold something. Unusually it seems that the head has been carved in two portions, with a groove between the front and back.

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