Ugandapithecus Major is an extinct form of Ape which is attributed to being a remote cousin of the more evolved Hominidea fossil ape dated to around 20 million years ago from Uganda's Karamoja region on the slopes of Napak Volcano.

The species was first named in 1950.


It is known to have been an herbivore, thought to have been arboreal.

Key DiscoveriesEdit

Partial Skull and JawEdit


Jaw of Ugandapithecus

On July 18, 2011 the first partial skull of this species was found at Napak Volcano. From the remains it was seen to be roughly 10 years old (a young adult male) when it died, had a head the size of a chimpanzee’s but a brain the size of a baboon’s. The teeth are fully erupted but not heavily worn. The skull is of similar dimensions to that of a large male chimpanzee, but the teeth are the size of a gorilla’s.

It is thought it may belong to the same individual (also a young male adult) from whom fragments of a lower jaw were found last year by the same team. It will be x-rayed, documented, cleaned and prepared in France before being returned to Uganda in about one years time.

Other findsEdit

Several skeletal elements of the same species had been found earlier at other sites of Napak Volcano and they suggest that the animal was an arboreal climber.

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